Forex scalping sessions

Here you will find all of my forex scalping sessions from my real accounts.

  • I have made 298% profit with forex scalping in 15 hours

    Today post i would like to write little bit about right size of your trading account and risk management. Because i found, that higher deposit with lower risk per trade is allmost all the time more risky than small deposit with higher risk. I see, that it doesnt make a sense, but i will show […]

  • What is good rate of profit trades/scalps during scalping forex market?

    I would like to share some of my trading/scalping results from one of my real account. This is history of scalping forex market from last 3 months. Its at XTB broker, where scalping is little bit more expensive thanks to little bit higher spread, but as you will see it is not real problem for […]

  • How many trades do i make per day as forex scalper?

    I think that this is one of very good questions and the answer for that is not so easy, because it depends on many factors. For example my personal record with forex scalping strategy is more than 500 trades/scalps per day. (I don’t remember exactly, may be i will try to find it later) But […]